The Smart city, a concept for several years, is now a fact and a must for the management of the cities' assets; thanks to the point-to-point control systems we offer, it is possible to fully manage and supervise the plants in real time at distance.

Our wireless systems, which may operate on different frequencies (868MHz, 2.4GHz) and Protocols (zigbee, LO.RA), make any public street lamp smart without the need to create complex network infrastructures with the existing systems. This allows to design punctually the system, estimate costs and benefits rapidly and simply, without occurring in problems during the installation.

With wireless systems, installation is restricted to the mere replacement of the existing light sources with new LEDs having the control function built-in. In addition, our systems do not need to be connected with the main electrical network, but, for instance, in case connectivity data already exists, this avoids costly assembly on the existing electric panels.

Recently revised regulatory Norms have introduced real time adaptive solutions, also on urban applications, based on traffic and visibility conditions (TAI and FAI systems). These applications, improving the plant energy savings considerably, on the other hand require point-to-point control systems with rapid and reliable reaction times. Our radio systems fully respond to this requirement thanks to our experience developed with wireless communication networks.

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