New industrial lighting systems might not exist without control systems able to optimize consumption, to improve the user experience and respond to the needs of companies upgrading systematically their production plants.

In this respect, the wireless control systems we provide achieve these results by minimizing the costs of infrastructures, design and installation, creating a flexible and dynamic system.

Thanks to luminosity and movement sensors the system is able to react in real time to environmental conditions changes, guaranteeing an optimal mode of operation with the lowest possible energy consumption.   

Control systems may work on different frequencies (868MHz, 2.4GHz) and with different protocols (zigbee, LO.RA). The various versions enable the selection of the best product to suit any particular requirement.  Point to point installation allows customized system configurations  which may be modified at any time to chase for possible market evolutions.


Centralized management guarantees total control over the system and a constant monitoring of its functioning and consumption. 


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